Tax Advisory for self-employed individuals

Self-employed & entities

Corporate taxes

As a self-employed person or business, you have many tax obligations and requirements to meet. With my expertise in tax matters, I can provide you with support and guidance throughout the year in all your business transactions, as well as assist with your annual financial statement.

Here are some of the benefits I can offer

Tax Returns

• Value Added Tax (VAT)
• Trade Tax
• Corporate Income Tax
• Separate Assessment
• Inheritance/ Gift Tax
• Personal Income Tax

Financial accounting

• Digitalization and setup
• Ongoing bookkeeping
• Business evaluations or financial analyses

Year-end financial statements

• Preparation of balance sheet
• Income-expenditure statement
• Fixed asset accounting
• Financial analysis
• Cash flow statement

Tax consulting and optimization

• Planning for tax burden
• Review of contracts for tax implications
• Support during tax audits
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Tax Returns

I will assist you with your business and personal tax returns and prepare them for you. Together, we will develop a customized solution that fits your individual needs.

Financial Accounting

I can assist you with setting up and maintaining your financial accounting, including recording your day-to-day business transactions and submitting the necessary tax returns to the tax authorities. Additionally, you will receive your business evaluations so that we can analyze your company’s key performance indicators together.

Year-End Financial Statements

At the end of the fiscal year, I will prepare your annual financial statements and review them for accuracy and completeness. I will also accompany you during the inventory process and create the tax balance sheet for you. As a freelancer or small business owner, I will prepare the income-expenditure statement for you. I will analyze the key performance indicators of your financial statements and discuss them with you to identify potential areas for optimization.

Tax Advisory and Optimization

I am available to support you with any questions related to choosing the appropriate legal form for your business or changing your legal form. I will keep you informed about upcoming changes to tax laws and the specific implications for your company. Additionally, I will prepare tax burden comparisons based on your planning figures.

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